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High Quality Translations

Tevah Translations is focused on providing our clients with very high quality translations of certificates, documents, websites and literature. We have the experience and credentials to translate any document from Russian to English and from English to Russian.

Commitment to Quality

We do not use machine translations. All our translations are performed by highly qualified and skilled translators, who have the understanding and knowledge of the subject matter being translated. As such, we stand behind our work 100%.

Our translators consist of bilingual attorneys, engineers, marketers, financial experts, Intellectual Property consultants, doctors, and even writers. All translators are ATA certified and committed to delivering 100% correct translations.






Apostille and Translation Services

We offer professional translations of legal, medical, technical, business, and literary documents by credentialed translators. Your translations will be certified and notarized. Additionally, apostille services are available with a very prompt turnaround.

Legal Documents

Legal Documents

  • Birth Certificates, Certificates of Dissolution (Divorce Decrees), Adoption Decrees, Diplomas, detailed transcripts
  • Summons, letters, depositions, evidence documents, decisions, contracts, wills, or patents
Technical and scientific translations

Technical and scientific translations

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Environmental, Aerospace, Structural, Construction, and other engineering disciplines
  • Unique expertise in Statistics and Probability, Industrial Engineering, Marketing, Market Research
Medical, Biomedical, and Pharmaceutical translations

Medical, Biomedical, and Pharmaceutical translations

  • Scientific medical literature, test and research documentation, marketing and sales collateral, promotional materials
  • Medical publications, documentation for medical imaging and diagnostic devices, laboratory equipment, hospital/physician management, information systems
Patent and Intellectual Property translations

Patent and Intellectual Property translations

  • Patent claims, summary of invention, trademarks, either in full text translation or in general outline (extracting the most vital information from the document and providing summary to the client)
Marketing and Literature Copy translations

Marketing and Literature Copy translations

  • Marketing copy
  • Literary text
  • Poems and rhymes
  • Culture-specific symbolism, metaphors and puns – the text will have the same feel in both source and destination languages

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If you have a credential for russian/english translating and interpreting skills, please send your resume to info@tevahtranslations.com